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violinBook indexing

Indexing (publishing)

Wikipedia summarizes the subject of indexing books and other publications.

Does your document need an index?

Kari Kells explains the value of a human-created index for book sales.

Usability studies for indexes

Susan Olason discusses a series of usability studies on book indexes from a systems engineering and human factors perspective.

Marilyn Joyce Rowland explains how an index is created from initial contact between the client and indexer to the final product.

Author-Created Indexes

Seth Maislin discusses the pros and cons of indexing your book yourself.

Indexes censured by The Indexer (April 2006)

You don't want your book on one of these lists!

Indexes praised by The Indexer (April 2006)

Here's where you want to see your book!!!

violinEmbedded indexing and technical documentation

Embedded Indexing

Peg Mauer explains how to embed indexes in Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker documents.

Basic Indexing Techniques for Technical Writers

Lori Lathrop discusses the key points to writing a good index for a technical document.

Indexing Integrated Manual Sets at Northern Telecom

Outlines different approaches recommended for indexing different types of technical documentation.

violinWebsite indexing

Summarizes presentations about creating web indexes given at an ASI conference.

A-Z Indexes to Enhance Site Searching

Heather Hedden explains how a web index enhances searching by website users.

Improving Usability with a Website Index

Fred Leise discusses key issues in creating indexes for websites.

Sitemaps and Site Indexes

Chiara Fox explains the advantages of employing sitemaps and site indexes as part of website navigation.

Considerations in Indexing Online Documents

Lori Lathrop provides some tips for selecting keywords in an online index.

Complexity in Indexing Systems

Dr. Bella Hass Weinberg summarizes lessons learned from the historical development of book indexing methods with application to the Internet.

Web Site Indexing

Kevin Broccoli explains how keywords and controlled vocabulary are used in conjunction with search engines to make information findable on a website.

violinBlogs and ezines

Seth Maislin's Indexing Blog

Thought provoking discussions from internet innovations to back-of-the book indexing and the business of being an indexer.

violin Taxonomies and controlled vocabularies

Synonym Rings and Authority Files

Provides guidelines on the basic tools for controlling vocabulary.

Defines and explains the use of controlled vocabularies.

Ten Taxonomy Myths

Discusses the origin of taxonomies and their application in a modern business environment.

Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus

Provides a succinct definition of a thesaurus and its components.

Thesaurus Principles and Practice

Leonard Will explains the principles of thesaurus design and use within a library science context.

violin Metadata

Megamoney Metatags

Laura Fillmore, of Online Book Systems, provides a prophetic view of the value indexing brings to online publishing and the Internet.

Metadata: an Overview

A technical discussion about using metadata to improve searching on the Internet.

Folksonomies: The Fall and Rise of Plain-text Tagging

Discusses the history and usefulness of collaborative tagging.

violin Topic maps

The TAO of Topic Maps: Finding the Way in the Age of Infoglut

Steve Pepper provides a detailed discussion of topic maps and how to create them.

violin Organizations

American Society for Indexing (ASI)

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI)

China Society of Indexers

Editors' Association of Canada (EAC)

Indexing Society of Canada (ISC)

MITWA (Mentors, Indexers, Technical Writers & Associates)

Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Society of Indexers (SI)

Web Indexing SIG

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